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We are looking for Country Managers to scale our business.

Represent Fidelcrest brand and services in your country!

  • 100% digital/remote working environment 

  • We have already done the hard work internationally. Now it’s your opportunity to scale our business locally!

  • Huge growth potential especially in non-English speaking countries

  • All clients from your country will be forwarded to the country website you are operating.

  • Fair share of sales turnover. Paid every month.

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Fidelcrest Country Manager is an official partner of Fidelcrest who represents Fidelcrest brand and Fidelcrest services in his or her country.

Your Job

Represent Fidelcrest brand and services in your country!

  • To operate Fidelcrest country website (to translate website and marketing content to your country’s language)

  • To promote Fidelcrest brand and services in your country

  • To offer customer support for your website visitors and customers

Ideal Applicant

Experience and skills which help you to succeed in this position

  • Has been working in trading industry for more than 3 years

  • Experienced in management, marketing, sales and customer service

  • Has an excellent local business knowledge and connections

  • Is used to work fully remotely


Requirements from you/your team

  • Experience in Forex trading

  • Excellent communication skills and local market knowledge

  • Able to start operating local Fidelcrest website and keep it up to date

  • Able to offer customer support for your website visitors and clients and meet our service level standards (you must first complete a trainee period of up to 1 month by working in international customer support).

  • Own company required in case accepting payments directly from customers

The Process

How to become a Fidelcrest Country Manager

  • Choose an available country and apply to position (form below)

  • Schedule an online meeting with Fidelcrest representative

  • Receive confidential details about terms and the agreement

  • After the Agreement has been signed, you are ready to get started

    • Meeting the team
    • Product training: trading programs, terms and conditions
    • Website and marketing material translations
    • FAQ and canned responses
    • Tools and software
    • Marketing materials and methods
    • Customer service training

Questions & Answers

What’s the main difference between the Agent and the Country Manager?2021-05-18T12:47:21+00:00

The Agent represents Fidelcrest to its own customers and audience. The Country Manager represents Fidelcrest for all customers in the country.

From which countries you are looking for Country Managers?2021-05-18T12:47:51+00:00

We are looking for Country Managers especially from non-English speaking countries where Fidelcrest has a lot of growth potential.

What’s the compensation model? How much I can make as a Country Manager?2021-05-18T12:48:18+00:00

You will get a share of turnover from all your clients. How much you can make depends of course your market area size and potential and your skills to manage Fidelcrest locally. We have calculated the turnover potential for every country in the world and we can share these calculations with you to estimate how much you should make every month.

Can I give any discounts for my clients?2021-05-18T12:48:40+00:00

Yes you can. But those discounts will be reduced from your share of turnover.

Can I advertise Fidelcrest in local media or rent an office for representative purposes?2021-05-18T12:49:08+00:00

Yes you can. But you have to pay expenses by yourself.

Can I hire my own employees?2021-05-18T12:49:36+00:00

Yes you can. But you have to pay expenses by yourself.

Can I be Country Manager in several countries?2021-05-18T12:50:08+00:00

Yes if you are able to manage multiple countries properly. Fidelcrest has also Regional Director positions designed for experienced country managers who can manage large market areas.

If I manage to introduce profitable traders will I get a share of their trading profits?2021-05-18T12:51:29+00:00

Unfortunately no. Our job is to evaluate and introduce traders to investors. Trader’s share of profit belongs to the trader only and investor’s share to the investor only.

How long can I stay in the Country Manager position?2021-05-18T12:51:53+00:00

As long as you manage your country properly and your turnover level is competitive compared to other similar countries. We are looking for a long term partnership.

What if I can’t find enough clients or I get tired to fill the position?2021-05-18T12:52:16+00:00

We understand that this business is not for everyone and it might be sometimes extremely stressful. Remember that you are not working alone. If you feel stressed or you find it hard to manage the business, ask help and we will find the solution.

Do I need to have a company being able to operate as a Country Manager?2021-05-18T12:54:37+00:00

Not necessary but we strongly recommend having one.

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About Fidelcrest Group

What is your business?2021-05-18T13:03:41+00:00

Fidelcrest Group is a financial technology and analysis firm that develops trader evaluation programs and tools for operating online proprietary and retail trading businesses. Our back-office systems help to monitor trading accounts, manage risks and reduce customer service costs.

Who are your clients?2021-05-18T13:03:34+00:00

Our clients are international online proprietary trading firms and white label technology providers.

Where you are located?2021-05-18T13:03:28+00:00

Our team works mostly remotely from their own locations around the world. Our office is located near our clients in Nicosia, Cyprus.

What services you can provide?2021-05-18T13:03:21+00:00

We are specialized offering services for Fidelcrest Group partners and subsidiaries in field of trader evaluation, risk management and back office operations.

Do you have any open positions? What skills are required?2021-05-18T13:03:04+00:00

Yes, we are always looking for new talents. If you are highly skilled professional and experienced in trading industry please contact us for more information about job or project opportunities.