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The foundation of our business is our ability to make online trading accessible for all, from anywhere in the world.

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Since Fidelcrest was launched in 2019 our business has been growing steadily and we are on our way becoming an internationally recognized brand in multi-billion dollar online trading industry. We have set ambitious, but realistic financial and development targets and our global operating team of passionate professionals is ready to achieve them. As an Investor, you can become a part of our success story and get your fair share of our revenue targets.

Fidelcrest publish financial reports in quarterly basis and regularly arranges investor meetings in connection with the disclosure of financial results. Company representatives also meet with investors in other events organized by the company or other bodies.

Shareholders are kindly asked to submit their flagging notices to investors(at)

Fidelcrest has a two-tiered management structure consisting of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management Board. The Board of Directors determines the overall strategy and supervises Fidelcrest’s activities, management and organisation while the Executive Management Board handles the day-to-day management of the company.

The Board of Directors and the Executive Management Board are responsible for Fidelcrest’s risk management and internal control systems, including compliance with current legislation and other financial reporting standards. Fidelcrest’s risk management and internal control systems in respect of financial reporting, including IT and tax, have been designed with a view to limiting the risk of errors and omissions in financial reporting.


The risk assessment process and control activities are monitored on a timely basis. Monitoring consists of both formal and informal procedures, which are used by the management and the people who own processes, risks and control procedures. Performance is monitored closely and compared with budgets and plans, analytical procedures and important key figures and financial ratios. The management continually monitors for compliance with relevant legislation and other financial reporting requirements and reports its findings to the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.
The Board of Directors considers at least once a year whether the internal control systems are adequate. The internal control systems are discussed with the independent auditors at the board meeting at which the annual report is considered. Based on what the auditors state in the long-form audit report, the Board of Directors and independent auditors discuss the outcome of the audit, material accounting policies used, material accounting estimates and the appropriateness of the accounting policies used.

The Board of Directors and the Audit Committee monitor management’s response to any control weaknesses and/or lack of controls and ensure that the measures agreed to improve risk management and internal controls in respect of financial reporting are implemented according to plan. The management is responsible for following up on weaknesses in internal control identified in subsidiaries.

Please contact us with a form below or by email to investors(at) to receive our latest investor presentations and more information about our company and strategy.

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